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washington dead cats - western machine
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Washington Dead Cats

Punkabilly, voodoo rock'n'roll, garage, surf

Formed In 1984, they are the first  Punkabilly band in France and they became quickly one of the major indie band selling over 70 000 copies of their first album and touring all around Europe. After 30 years they did almost  2000 concerts and around 10 albums and they are still consider as one of the best live act.

> Here the video from Oumamamama

> Here the live video from Napalm surf and Under the Creole moon

8 people on the road > 6 musicians and 2 technicians

Washington Dead Cats acoustic

Punkabilly, voodoo rock'n'roll, garage, surf but played acoustic with upright bass and banjo

In June 2016 the Dead Cats did a acoustic concert in direct on the internet for the "Grosse Caisse TV" , they played 22 songs including a few covers like a Johnny Cash number and a classic Blues song "Got my mojo working" The set list is not the same from the onethey played during their electric show.

They play the songs on a upright bass, banjo or acoustic guitar and it still powerfull believe me !

8 people on the road > 6 musicians and 2 technicians

acoustic Show on you tube


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The Beast, le nouvel album de Rikkha, est un concentré de Grinhouse et de Séries B à la sauce Queer!. On y trouve du garage, du punk, de la new wave, du blues. Le disque est un hommage à la féminité, à la tolerance et à la liberté.  On y parle de monstres, de déesses, de démons, de sorcières amazones, de freaks, de trans, de sexe et d’amour.


PRESSE > MaxWell - Abus Dangereux

«RIKKHA a de quoi faire péter le baromètre, nous envoyer une bonne dose de dopamine, faire sauter le bouchon de nos émotions, écraser d’un coup de talon aiguille les vieux préceptes machos (« à poil ! »), en fonçant avec leur corvette V8 rouge pailletée. Bref réanimer nos petits cœurs brisés.»

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Mat Firehair and the Imperators of Kool

Cool croonin' jazz

Mat Firehair is the lead singer from The Washington Dead cats doing solo album with the Imperators of Kool a crooning project in a Julie London or Peggy Lee wstyle. Singin' songs and croonin' for his own pleasure

> 4 piece band (voc+bass+drums+guitar)

No hit makers


The Not Hit makers are a powerfull neo-rockabilly band from Paris. They played in rockabilly concerts also as in Psychobilly festivals. They have a modern feeling of playing Rockabilly music close to bands like the Delta Bombers.

Live In Paris click here


>  4 people on the road

Western Machine

Garage rock

Western Machine is a mix between Stoner and garage rock  sounding straight like a whirlwind from California played by a trio of French Dandys

A heavy gutar, a lightely saturated bass and a powerful drum

See the video click here

> Between 3 and 4 people on the road

Lord Fester combo

Dirty Rockabilly

Lord Fester combo is the master of Dirty Rockabilly. A pinch of blues, a slice of Rockabilly, a little bit of Swing and country the all in a Dirty shaker and you got it !

It's gonna blast your hears and shake your body from your head to your toes. Get it Dirty !

See the video click here

See a live vidéo here

> 4 people on the road

Mat Firehair Dj set

Vinyl records from Franck Sinatra to Jello Biaffra

The W.D.C singer playing his favorite vinyl records. From Franck Sinatra to Jello Biaffra he will plays 77 Kick ass punk, wild rockabilly, Swing is the thing, Mental psychobilly, Garage from the grave, the coolest calypso and Trojan rock steady and some croonin' tunes.

Only vinyl is cool !.

> one on the road

or 2 with a Burlesque artist dancin' and doing a show on some tracks

Seb le Bison Dj set

A real Rock dancing' machine.

This guy is awesome. Despite his numerous abilities (producer, musicien, graphic artist ), Seb le Bison has a great passion: Make the girls dance.
His style: Rock  from the early 50's to nowadays. He's got the feeling to choose the right track at the right time. He's a real Rock dancing' machine.


> one on the road

Let's have a Rock'n'roll Party

Rock'nroll, rockabilly, surf, Djs and Burlesque artists

This is a Rock'n'roll package for a long long night to be remembered

featuring 2 bands the "No Hit makers" or "Lord Fester Combo" and their powerfull Rockabilly + the "Washington Dead Cats" and to dance till the end of the night  : 1 or 2 rock'n'roll Djs. To be sure that you won't be sleeping 2 beautiful girls will do Burlesque shows beetween the groups and during the Dj sets.

We can also Start slowly the evening with some croonin' jazz and Mat Firehair and the Imperators of Kool or the New Orleans jazz band "The Mama shakers" if you wish.


> Ask us for more details

Between 15 and 20 people on the road

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